• October 9, 2020

Benefits of Liquid Filling Systems

Fully automated liquid filling systems are designed to operate at a high speed while supported by conveyor belts and electro/pneumatic PLC controls.

Automated liquid filling systems are properly designed to package liquids of varying viscosity and particle sizes. Additionally, a fully automated liquid filling system can accommodate bottle packaging of various sizes between the range of 5ml to 10-litre.

The high speed of operation for the automated liquid filling systems allows filling and packaging of about 20 to 120 bottles every minute which is about 1200 to 7200 bottles each hour. Several benefits accrue to a company that has invested in automatic packaging machinery. The top 5 of these benefits include:

Potential for High Production Levels

The high speed of operations is based on an automated process of the filling machines which makes it possible to fill in a higher number of bottles compared to filling done manually.

Automatic filling machines can cater for liquids with varying viscosity e.g. products like paste or jelly, without compromising on the speed of functioning.

The automation feature allows multiple bottles to be filled simultaneously in a single billing cycle. A filling system may be fortified with up to 16 filling heads to support the rapid functioning speed of filling up to 120 bottles per minute.

In a day, thousands of bottles can be filled without much manual input.

Dependability & Uniformity

There is always a high chance of error when filling liquid bottles by hand in that the volumes of the liquid may differ between bottle packages. Additionally, it is very difficult to include measures to reduce the discrepancies in volume between bottles without bargaining on the speed of wok delivery.

Apart from working fast, automatic filling machines ensure there is a repeatable trend of filling each bottle in each cycle such that the fill level, the volume, weight and packaging time is equal for all bottled units of the liquid product.

Versatility in Packaging

Automatic liquid fillers are built to hold and fill bottles of different volumes and shapes. Additionally, automatic filling systems can handle more than one type of product as categorized based on viscosity and concentration levels.
The versatility of automatic liquid fillers when packaging is an important beneficial feature to a company that packages and sells more than one type of liquid product.

Easy Interaction with the User

Automatic liquid fillers are relatively easy to operate, much as the intricate technical parts are mechanically put together in a quiet complex manner. Once the filling system has been set up, only simple changes carried out by hand are required to replace one bottle for another.

Settings of fill times, indexing times and speed of the pump are fed from a touchscreen interface located centrally of the system. These settings can be saved automatically within the system such that the user of the system only needs to recall the name/combination of the time settings required for a given bottled product.

Upgradeable Machinery

The number of filling heads and the filling speed of the pump can be increased or decreased based on the production targets of a company. This is an important feature that allows the filling company to expand or contract work operations in a cost-effective manner and without having to buy a bigger or smaller filling system.

At the start of business operations, the business owner can begin with a filling machine of 6 to 8 fill heads. As production targets increase, filling heads are added without the need to buy another machine. As with many machines, a maximum of sixteen fill heads can be fitted, meaning 16 bottles will be filled in a single cycle.

Also, different filling machines have different filling speeds depending on the size of the bottle and the nature of the product.

Standard Features & Options:

• Conveyors with variable speed and modifiable guide, rails and Delrin slats
• A maximum of 4 Response fillers with gating controls and sensors
• An ergonomic design feature
• Fluid Cut-off outlet to avoid dripping of product when filling
• A system to rinse bottle while filling
• An interlocked physical safety barrier
• The suction pipes are reinforced with PVC material to offer extra turgidity strength
• A framed hopper with 4 tri-clover outlets with manifold
• Completely Insulated Vessels
• A well automated machine for capping

For details on other products such as IBC mixers agitators, or manual filling systems please see Flux Pumps.