• February 24, 2021

Hiring a Rental Car: What to Look For the Best Deals

Car rental agencies wait for us to head to their desks once we’ve landed. Driving a rental car on your holiday is such a common part of your holiday that you seldom give much thought to it all: you can only think of driving to your accommodation to begin your relaxation.

Are you renting a car for the first time or have you covered hundreds of thousands of miles in rental cars? Relying on the services of a reputable car rental agency will save you on time, effort and money in the long run. Which are the best car rental companies to use? Read customers’ opinions and feedback in car rental reviews on websites such as Reviews Bird that share reviews, ratings, insights, and tips from real-world people. You will learn which companies are legitimate, safe, and offer value, and what exactly to look for when renting a car.

Inspect the Car:

Before you drive away from the rental car agency or sign any paperwork with them to release the car into your care, first spend a few moments inspecting the exterior and interior of the car. Verify that what they’ve signed off is as it actually appears. If they detect any scratches, dents, dings, or interior wear when you return it, they will bill you. To minimize your risk, check over the car for damage. If you’re unhappy about something, tell them about it and note it in the delivery papers.

Fuel Level:

Most rental car companies work on a full-to-full policy meaning that they provide you with a full tank of fuel and you need to return it with a full tank of fuel or they will deduct those expenses on your credit card once the car is returned. If the fuel level and fuel gauge don’t show a full tank of fuel, add that to the delivery paperwork.

Insurance and Paperwork:

Most people will hire a car before they arrive at their destination airport and won’t have an idea of the vehicle until they arrive at the rental car company’s office to collect the vehicle. Before signing the delivery paperwork, go through it carefully to make sure you have insurance cover, you are familiar with their terms of service and use, and you know who to contact with an accident or damage. There isn’t likely to be any red flag in the paperwork, but it is worth taking a moment to learn more about the policy and to understand it in its entirety.


Knowing the exact time of when you need to bring the car back to the rental company will help you to save on an extra day’s fee for being 10 or 20 minutes late. Check with their staff about details such as returning the car clean – some prefer that you don’t clean their cars after use as they would rather use a trusted service provider for that. Does the rental car come fitted with navigation or do you need to hire a GPS unit? That is a critical item for when travelling in foreign areas.