• October 10, 2021

Surface Cleaning And Deep Cleaning The Home And Office During The Pandemic


Cleaning is a never-ending task, both at home and at the office. Scheduled times for cleaning projects are key to staying on point, especially during this pandemic. The health and safety of your family and co-workers are the priority. How often should you clean each space? How do you schedule tasks to where you have time to clean everything?

Surface Cleaning

Surface cleaning is done with regularity. Frequently cleaning surfaces is a light task, and it prevents dirt, germs, and bacteria from building up. During the pandemic, surface cleaning needs to be done with increased regularity to help prevent the transmission of Covid-19. This systematic cleaning process is vital to keeping everyone healthy and happy.

Office Cleaning

For most companies, only a small percentage of employees are back to work in person and not remotely. Space is scheduled, and everyone has continued to practice social distancing. Therefore, cleaning the office thoroughly is highly important during the pandemic. Fail to clean the office daily, and there is a greater risk of transmitting Covid-19 to others.

House Cleaning

Always be sure to wipe down all the surfaces in your home regularly. Pay special attention to tables, countertops and any other surfaces used most often. Just like with office space, daily attending to surface cleaning in your home is recommended.

Deep Cleaning

People are paying more attention to deep cleaning than ever before. While deep cleaning does not have to be taken care of daily, it is very important. How often should it be done?

The Office

An office is going to need deep cleaning more often than your home. This general rule of thumb deals simply with the sheer number of people who are in and out of that office daily. Have you tried electrostatic surface cleaning? It makes cleaning an office easier, and you might need help trying to save time. Fewer employees are needed for electrostatic surface cleaning, too. How you choose to schedule office deep cleaning is up to you. Many office managers schedule deep cleans in between team bubbles using specific spaces.

The Home

Deep-cleaning your home should also be done regularly and in stages. If you develop a rotating schedule, it will be easier to keep up. You will know what to deep clean and when it needs to be done. Also, just because you are deep cleaning often does not mean you skip the spring cleaning. Think of seasonal cleanings as “deeper” cleans. As for your regular deep cleanings, schedule everything once a month.


Areas prone to bacteria require special attention and certainly need to be priorities. For example, desk areas in offices are bacteria-prone. There are approximately 20,000 germs on each square inch of an office desk. You want everyone to remain healthy, happy, and productive. Not only are you trying to stop the transmission of Covid-19, but you do not want any other illnesses going around either.

Final Thoughts

Deep cleaning the office and your home are both never-ending tasks that must be done in stages. Surface cleaning is done daily and with fervour during the pandemic. Not only is it important to know when to clean but also how to clean. Every surface needs to be cleaned and sanitized properly, or else the process defeats the purpose. Cleaning takes time, but when done in stages, it is much easier to manage.