• October 15, 2021

Why Invest in Team Building


Team building has a bad reputation, but it’s one of the most important investments you can make for your workforce. It not only mitigates conflict and builds trust, but also improves communication and collaboration. Ideal team building results in better engagement, which is great for company culture as well as boosting the bottom line. To make team-building fun, here are some ground rules when planning activities for the staff members.

Avoid the Corporate Stuff

The best team-building events are those that do not feel like a day in the workplace. Activities that solely focus on drawing leadership lessons and practical takeaways are less effective. Sharing experiences, spending time together and working towards a common goal encourages bonding to happen in a more natural manner.

For example, if you were to take your co-workers to an Escape room. This is a good example of a team building activity that is outside the corporate area. Also, find a common interest, try things that your staff want to do but may not have got the chance to do. Basically, find something you will all enjoy. One thing I would defiantly recommend is ‘crystal maze team building‘.

Ditch the Company Picnic

Trying new things with the workforce can nurture good vibes among the workforce, which in return benefits the organization. Picking a unique activity and one that’s slightly outside their comfort zone can encourage staff members to come together in new ways.

An example if one of your team members has a phobia of heights, then get them to do a zip wire or something that involves heights. As a result, we tool the whole team to one of the longest ziplines in the country. The thrill of being thrust 600 ft above Whistler made everyone not only connect but enjoy doing an activity with other staff members.

Keep the Positive Energy at the Office Flowing

Most team-building activities tend to fail as it is a one-time activity that’s done and then forgotten. That’s why it is imperative to look for ways to keep the exhilaration going. The biggest challenge is coming up with ways for staff members to connect and interact in a meaningful manner, outside the common presentations and meetings.

One way we achieve this is via our daily huddle. Each day, at the same time, the entire workforce assembles for a quick stand-up meeting meant to assess major projects and acknowledge achievements. In addition, our staff members are encouraged to share their life goals list (something we even developed an app for). Goals vary from walking the Great Wall of China to reading Tolstoy in Russian. This is a great way to learn about individuals and their dreams, in addition to generating ideas for team-building activities to occur down the line.

But how do you tell you have nailed team building? Well, if there’s laughter, a sense of accomplishment, excitement and Instagram moments, then you are doing it right.

It is an Investment, Not a Splurge

Team building activities, even if a bit expensive are not fluff. The excitement of a unique team building activity is a worthy investment as it boosts communication, engagement and productivity. You do not have to spend on fancy things, but for the best results, do not skimp either.